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If you have an inkling that life could be better,

let's start there

Registered Clinical Counselling Online and in Vancouver, BC

Effective, Empowering, Warm-hearted Therapy

Meet Aneeta

My clients describe me as genuine, intuitive, and easygoing

From our first meeting, I want to help you begin to feel better. You will learn to tune in to yourself, and find your footing, even in the midst of a storm.

I am dedicated to providing a safer space for clients who identify as BIPOC.


Meet Our Team

Amrita Grewal, Experienced South Asian Clinical Counsellor, at Bloom Counselling


Kristen Yang, Asian Canadian Clinical Counsellor at Bloom Counselling


Sanda Noronha, South Asian Clinical Counsellor at Bloom Counselling


In-Person and Online

Areas of Specialty

The person is not the problem;
the problem is the problem.
Counselling for Anxiety
Counselling for depression and mood disorders
Depression/Low mood
Counselling for Burnout
Burnout / Compassion Fatigue
Relationship Counselling
Relationships & Family
Cross Cultural Counselling
a healing heart with bandages representing trauma recovery
Trauma Recovery
Academic and Career Counselling for student stress
Student Issues
Nourishing Growth, identity and finding purpose
Identity and Purpose

4 Benefits of Counselling

Rather than giving you a fish, counselling helps you learn to fish for yourself.

Taking wisdom from this adage, our job is to help you learn how to access your strengths and inner knowing.


Apart from working on particular issues or situations, the process of counselling is known to facilitate these additional benefits:

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Counselling can renew your positive emotions

Experiencing more peace, joy, love and connection in your life.

Renewing Positive Emotion

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Finding Clarity

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Counselling can help you gain clarity and wisdom

Gaining insight and deeper understanding about the roots of your issues, and how you can move forward.

Realizing Strengths

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Counselling can connect you with your inner strengths

Getting in-touch with your unique strengths and drawing on them when you need them.

Raising Self Esteem

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Feeling strong in who you are and confident about your ways of dealing with problems.

Counselling can help raise self esteem and self compassion
a field of lavender in Bloom


Let's talk!

Your questions and inquiries are welcome.

Free 15-min phone consultations available.

We look forward to connecting with you.


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