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Online and In-Person

We offer in-person counselling in a limited capacity, and continue to offer online counselling via a secure online platform. By and large, clients have found telehealth to be effective, convenient and enjoyable.


Why Choose Online  Counselling?

Research shows that online counselling can be just as effective as in-person counselling.
Our clients largely report that they feel a strong sense of connection and presence together in our online sessions.
Telehealth can also bring some unexpected benefits:
  • Ease of scheduling
  • No commute time or stress
  • Convenience allows for more regularity, which yields better, lasting results
  • Can be done while you are travelling
  • Those living in remote communities or outside the Lower Mainland can easily access services
  • You can have your pet with you; pets can be soothing and supportive companions during a session

If you have any questions or concerns regarding accessing counselling via Telehealth, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are happy to discuss and help us find a workable solution.

4 Tips for Enjoyable and Effective Online Counselling

1. Turn off your self preview: Seeing our own faces in that little self-preview box can be distracting, as we can tend to shift our focus from connecting with each other, to making sure our hair is parted in a flattering way. I suggest clicking the 3 dots on the top left corner of self-preview box, to turn it off (chose "Hide my preview") once we are settled in. (Note: turning off self-preview works best on laptops, and may not be possible on all phones).

2. Sound privacy: Sharing a home with partners, roommates or families can bring the challenge of sound privacy. It's important that you can feel completely free to express yourself, without hesitation. If there are people around and your walls are thin, I suggest using a white noise app such as MyNoise or White Noise. This can be done on your cellphone and placed by or outside your door; the sounds of waves or a jungle at night will help muffle your speech, so you can express yourself freely, without hesitation.
3. Find a private space where you won't be disturbed: Let the others in your household know that you are not going to be available for 1 hour. Turn off cellphone ringers and other distractions so you can be completely present. 
4. Set up your space: Maybe for you it's a cup of tea, sitting by the window, having your favourite blanket, or your cat nearby. Setting up your counselling corner can provide a mental marker that we are entering a different context, one where it's about tending to your needs and concerns. Clients have remarked that they enjoyed creating this special space for themselves at home.
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