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Struggle is part of being human.

So is resilience

Counselling across British Columbia and Online

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Bloom Counselling serves clients in the Lower Mainland and across BC. We primarily offer counselling online, via a secure telehealth platform (Please see COVID-19 Update). Some of our counsellors offer in-person sessions in Downtown Vancouver.

Counselling in Remote Locations

We love working with clients living in remote communities, who want to access therapy online, from as far as Fort St. John's in Northern BC, to the Interior, and the Gulf Islands.

Counselling Services


Do you sometimes feel like your mind is racing and you can't get it to stop? Do you avoid doing things that could be good for you, but feel too overwhelming to start? Anxiety can be physical (eg. short of breath, knot in belly), cognitive (eg. rumination, spiraling thoughts) and emotional (eg. irritability, fear, loneliness). We love teaching people how to soothe, manage, and reduce their anxiety while coming to understand its roots and function. Anxiety is treatable. Let's go from feeling out of control to finding peace of mind.


Note: Often anxiety and depression can go hand in hand and feed one another; we believe in treating these concerns holistically.

Career and Work Issues

Are you lost or worried about finding the right career path? Does your work fit who you are and the unique gifts you bring? With 8 years of experience in career counselling and exploration, Aneeta loves helping people discover what career and contexts feel like the right fit.

Work Issues

Our team is skilled in teaching clients the communication skills they need to manage conflict, set boundaries, and assert their needs at work.

Burnout/Compassion Fatigue

Are you feeling dull, worn-out, agitated or exhausted? Sometimes you can be left feeling like Sisyphus, pushing the rock up the hill, only to have it roll down once again. There are proven ways to recover from burnout.

If you work in a profession where you are exposed to the suffering of others, and are feeling despair, frustration, disconnection with yourself / others, you may be experiencing Compassion Fatigue. It would be our honour to support you in finding your footing again.

Inter-cultural Dynamics

First and second generation immigrants and children of immigrants face a particular challenge in today's society. Neither fitting here nor there, you often have to pave a path where you define your own values, sometimes in opposition to those you love. The issues of dating, marriage, family, inter-generational trauma, boundaries and career choice can often come up in this context.


The experience of discrimination, racism and otherness can be a deeply painful reality for many BIPOC folks. Our team strives to provide a safe and supportive space where clients can process these experiences and identify the appropriate action for them.

Student Issues

Several of our counsellors have extensive experience in supporting university and college students with the demands of academic life, including issues such as Test Anxiety, Procrastination, University/College transition (into and out of higher education), life direction, academic burnout, and social concerns.

Depression/ Low Mood

Depression can show up as a sense of deep sadness that can drain you of vitality and joy for life. Perhaps you've been feeling low, lonely, irritated, or numb. Or perhaps you feel less interested in the things that used to bring you excitement and energy, often finding yourself caught in negative thought patterns.


We offer a safe and comfortable landing pad for folks who want to find a way through depression / low mood. We are dedicated to holding compassionate space for your experience and supporting you to process related thoughts and emotions. We can help you identify the small steps necessary to move you towards a sense of purpose, as you reconnect with with your inner-vitality and strengths. It is possible to re-engage with your life in a meaningful way. Together we can explore a better way forward.

Note: Often anxiety and depression can go hand in hand and feed one another; we believe in treating these concerns holistically.

Trauma Recovery

Many of us have lived through a difficult or distressing experience where we felt completely overwhelmed, whether that was a single incident (ex. an accident) or a period of time where we didn't feel safe (a bad relationship, a part of our childhood, an awful job situation).  Experiences of trauma are common, and we get through them using our survival instincts. Afterwards we may be left with a felt sense that it's "not over", a host of physical and mental symptoms that tell the story of that trauma though feelings, memories, anxiety or depression. And at times we may feel like we're living "on high alert", are chronically tense, or regularly triggered by things in our day-to-day lives.

There is good news; trauma is absolutely treatable. Several of our counsellors have extended training and experience in working with trauma. Trauma recovery can feel like being able to live in the present, experience a sense of safety and peace, and feel reconnected to yourself, your strengths and your sense of control. You don't have to figure this out alone, let us accompany you.


Sometimes it is hardest to communicate with those we love. Emotions can run high or we can feel shut down and withdrawn. Our team supports people in finding ways to build better relationships with family and friends through working with attachment styles, healthy boundaries, and communication. 

Identity and Purpose

The old question,  'who am I, really?', is a courageous starting point. Together, we will explore issues around core values, sexual orientation, gender, self expression and personality. The process of counselling often incorporates developing an understanding of oneself, and an acceptance of that self. This can be both a focus of therapy, and a positive side-effect.

Growing through Adversity 

The struggles you may be facing can be a seed for growth and positive change.


We love helping our clients discover their particular strengths, skills and wisdom, to grow through tough times

Is Counselling Right for Me?

Counselling is for anyone who is seeking greater well-being. There is no need for a doctor’s referral, and you don’t need a particular diagnosis to seek counselling. Whether or not you have a mental health diagnosis, engaging in counselling is a proven method to assist people in learning the skills and processing the emotions necessary to pave a healthier way forward.

Know that seeking professional support is a sign of health, not a sign of weakness. It shows that your well-being matters to you, and that you are taking the courage to move towards positive growth.

What to Expect

You do not need to prepare in advance for our sessions. We encourage you to show up just as you are and your counsellor will help guide you from there. If this is your first time accessing counselling, you may feel nervous or uncertain. That's absolutely normal, and your nervousness won't last! The first step can feel hard but we've got you. We are dedicated to helping you feel comfortable, safe, and empowered in your own process.

Sessions are approx. 50 minutes in length.

Counselling helps us identify issues, patterns and behaviours that may be causing us undue stress or suffering. Throughout our sessions, we will encourage you to practice new skills, and apply the tools and concepts we have developed to your life; this is one part of what facilitates positive change. We will go at your pace, and we will work within your comfort level.


Let's talk!

Your questions and inquiries are welcome.

Free 15-min phone consultations available.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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